A downloadable game for Windows

Made During Ludum Dare 44

Top down 2D Ninja Action Vs The Hordes of Hell !

You're a ninja fighting his last fight against the endless hordes of hell, and you need to survive for as long as you can and get the highest score. Also your health bar acts as a stamina bar.

Instructions :

Arrow keys : move
Space : dash
F : attack
D : direction lock (keep attacking in the same direction even when you move)

Attacking and dashing depletes your stamina, but will never leave you with less than 1 point of stamina.
Taking hits from enemies also depletes your stamina.
Your Stamina will start recharging after a short time without takings hits or doing anything.
If your stamina reaches 0, you're dead!

Dashing lets you move through your enemies.

Keep your combo up to get a damage (and score) multiplier.
Protip : leave some skull piles alive to be able to combo from the skulls that they spawn.

You can't win this fight, but you can try to give this ninja the badass death scene he deserves !
If you can survive for 30 seconds you're already doing well.

(I hope this is helpful, it's 1 a.m. as i'm writing this, and i need some freakin' sleeeeep)
ps : we don't own the copyrights to the images used to make the titlescreen, but all the rest has been made during the jam.

Credits : 
graphics : Tori
audio & titlescreen: Monogatari
code & placeholder graphics: Berumondo

Install instructions

Just download, extract, run the .exe and enjoy the game <3


Against_The_Ninja_v01.zip 4 MB

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