A downloadable game for Windows

Untiled is a 2D platformer where part of the level is missing! Choose a platform to draw your way to victory, but be careful, some platforms might be more dangerous than others.

Creation mode:
Arrow keys to move
E to switch between platforms
Space to lock your platform into place.

Play mode:
Arrow keys to move
Space to Jump

Press R at anytime to reset the level, or Escape to close the game.

Code: Berumondo
Music/Sound Design: Monogatari
Art: Tori
Level Design/Code: Brother main

This game was made during the GMTK19 game jam with the theme "Only one".

Install instructions

Just download, unzip, run the .exe and enjoy the game <3


Untiled.zip 64 MB


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Really cool game! The hand drawn graphics are cute and clear. music is relaxing and moody, gameplay is challenging but fair. Those canons gave is a Braid feel I really enjoyed. Keep making games \o/